“Piaget teaches us that it is not the job of the teacher to correct a child from the outside, but to create the conditions in which the child corrects herself from the inside.” – Constance Kamii

Reinventing Mathematics Education – January 4, 2016

8:00 AM Registration and coffee

9:00 AM Short keynotes by each of the keynote speakers

  • Conrad Wolfram
  • Constance Kamii
  • Ilana Horn

10:30 AM Choose one workshop

12:15 PM Lunch

1:00 PM Choose one workshop

2:45 PM Closing panel discussion



Why Do So Many Elementary Students have Trouble in Math?
with Dr. Constance Kamii (offered twice)
Dr. Kamii will provide answers to this question and suggest constructivist teaching strategies, including games and other activities, for solving this problem.

Playing with Mathematical Ideas: Strategies for Building a Positive Classroom Climate with Dr. Ilana Horn (offered twice)
Students often enter math class with fear and trepidation. Yet we know that effective teaching engages their ideas. How do we lower the social risk of getting students to share to help them understand mathematics more deeply? I will share what I have learned from accomplished mathematics teachers who regularly succeed at getting students to play with mathematical ideas as a way of making sense.

How Can I Convince You? with Conrad Wolfram (offered twice)
In this workshop Conrad Wolfram will show how using the power of computation can change a lesson’s focus from the need to learn hand calculating to the need to be able to problem solve using the latest math tools and interpret the results appropriately. This workshop will use a Computer-Based Math approach to learn how statistics are used to convince people that one opinion is correct. Beginning with a look at the techniques that advertisers use to distort facts with visualizations of the data, then methods of manipulating the data itself to make one product look better than others. The session will be immersive and use materials developed for students in Estonia. No prior knowledge of coding or statistics will be assumed.

Other workshop topics will added as necessary based on enrollment.