Conrad Wolfram

“We have two kinds of math in the world. The first is in the real world that is a problem-solving subject that is as important as it’s never been in world’s history to every aspect of our lives. Then there’s this math in school that’s completely or increasingly disconnected from that. It’s that difference in the subject matter that I think is the focus we absolutely need to be honest when we talk about this.

What we’re mostly talking about in my view is 80% the wrong subject.” (Conrad Wolfram)

Conrad Wolfram, physicist, mathematician, and technologist, is the Strategic Director and European Co-Founder/CEO of the Wolfram group of companies.  Described as the place where “Computation meets Knowledge” and “The Math Company,” the Wolfram Group specializes in pushing boundaries at the intersection of computation, math, and knowledge including making mathematics software, the Wolfram/Alpha knowledge engine (powering knowledge answers for Apple’s Siri) and the Wolfram Finance Platform. For more than 20 years, Conrad Wolfram’s business and technical leadership has been central to the rise, spread, and democratization of high-level computation.  He is also the world’s leading advocate for a fundamental shift of math education to be computer-based, laying out the rationale and roadmap in his 2010 TED talk and founding of  He was educated at Eton College and the University of Cambridge, UK.


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